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Switch Panel 04-06

Switch Panel 04-06
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Switch Panel 04-06
Differential Locker safety switches for Eaton, Auburn, and ARB Lockers that cannot be accidentally switched on or off without pulling out on the switch first and the word LOCKED illuminates in red whenever either of the lockers is engaged. An In-Cab Winch control so you can operate the winch from the comfort of the driversī seat instead stomping around in the mud to plug-in the hand-held winch control that you probably canīt find anyway. Eight Light switches to control all of your Lightbar, Brushguard and rear lighting. Comes pre-wired and backlit for the ultimate control on the dark trail. Comes with a block out panel for the two factory locker switches. Prevents Computer time out, TT4 and ABS fault codes from turning off your factory Eaton lockers. There is nothing worse than sitting in the middle of a mud hole, the mud on the ABS sensors trigger an ABS fault code and suddenly you have no lockers. This removes the computer from the decision-making tree and puts control back in your hands.

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