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Hummer H1 Alpha Duramax RapTorq Computer Upgrade. **Please provide vehicle VIN in "comments" section at checkout**

Alpha Duramax RapTorq Computer Upgrade ** Price includes $550 Refundable Core Charge**
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Alpha Duramax RapTorq Computer Upgrade ** Price includes $550 Refundable Core Charge**
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Product Description

The unique, proprietary and copyrighted programming built into Predator's RapTorq ECM is the result of 22 months of a specific Predator Motorsports H1 Performance development team.

The research phase of the RapTorq development included a full evaluation of all available ECM programming by our competitors. Our primary goal in this program was to create superior drivability and maximum power within the GM-prescribed exhaust-gas temperature limit.

While it remains standard practice by our competitor to use only a modified, factory GM fuel-delivery curve, our RapTorq features a completely new fuel curve used in conjunction with a new start-of-injection timing curve. These are coordinated to optimize the design characteristics of the H1s combustion chamber, providing peak efficiency and rapid power gains across the engine's entire operational range.

When placing your order please include your vin number in the comments section at checkout. There will be an additional core charge of $550 that will be reimbursed when your original computer is returned to us.

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