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Predator 3' Basket Roof Rack. (9' Rack Shown)

Predator 3' Basket Roof Rack
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Predator 3' Basket Roof Rack
Item# h1-ext-301

Product Description

Predator's one piece Safari Roof Rack is one of the most solid racks available for your Hummer. Extremely low adjustable mounting system will allow you to park in most garages. Each roof rack mount is manufactured exclusively for the H1 Hummer to evenly distribute the weight over the radius of the roof for improved load capacity, strength and weight distribution. Additionally the mount has a total of 36 square inches that rests on a 1/4" rubber pad to protect your paint surface. The floor is constructed of a mesh that will allow you to secure your gear in any location on the rack. Each rack arrives in powder coated black finish. Available in 3, 6, and 9 foot models.

9' Rack Shown.

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